Java Complete Developer Bundle 2022

Java for Beginners, Spring, Spring Boot, JUnit, Mockito and Maven - all in one bundle!

Get all 6 courses together and take your Java skills to the next level for 2021!

Now we're offering a bundle of all our current Java courses together!  This includes:

  • Mastering Java 8 Fundamentals - learn all about how to harness the power of lambda expressions, streams and pipeline processing, optionals, functional interfaces and more!
  • JUnit and Mockito Unit Testing for Java Developers - learn all about how to write professional unit tests for your production Java code using the top 2 testing frameworks in the industry - by the end you'll know all about how to use mock objects to write top notch tests!
  • Apache Maven Essentials - learn all about the number one build tool for Java projects and see how Maven's dependency management, build lifecycle and plugins work together to be able to build better Java projects!
  • Spring Framework Fundamentals - master the number one foundational platform for Java projects and learn all about dependency injection, autowiring, the application context, container callbacks and using enterprise technology with Spring!
  • Spring Boot Essentials - a perfect complement to the Spring course. Take your Spring knowledge to the next level by discovering Spring Boot, the springboard for rapid development of Spring projects today!
  • Groovy Programming Fundamentals for Java Developers - Groovy is the swiss army knife of JVM languages.  Uncover the secrets behind programming in this vastly undervalued and largely untapped language and impress your colleagues with cutting through requirements laser fast!
This offer is only available on the JavaEasily platform - so jump start your Java knowledge today and enrol now!

I can't wait to teach you all these exciting technologies inside! ;)

Matt Speake

Principal instructor at JavaEasily teaching all about different aspects of Java tech for beginners and intermediate developers.  

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