Spring Framework Fundamentals

Master the essential everyday aspects of the Spring Framework to boost your development career

Course Summary

  • This course takes you head first into the exciting world of Spring development! 

  •  You'll get to know and understand the major parts of the core framework such as:

  • The Spring container and how it manages your beans for you and delivers a flexible runtime environment for applications
  • The concept of dependency injection: how it works and is applied in Spring
  • Inversion of Control - what it is and why it's so useful
  • Spring property management and how to manage application properties and state
  • Profiles in Spring and how they are used and applied
  • Proxies and proxying and how that works to magically do things like make service methods transactional
  • The various lifecycle and callback interfaces and events you need to know to integrate with and access lower-level components of the Spring container
  • Spring JDBC and how to work with databases 
  • Working with Spring Aspects to apply Aspect Oriented Programming in the container
  • Spring MVC and web application development with Spring

and much much more!

In this course we don't waste time going into the esoteric parts of the Spring framework which you'll never encounter.  Instead, we focus just on the 90% of stuff you need to know to get the job done.

Spring is the most in-demand skill for Java developers beyond a knowledge of the Java programming language itself and in this course you'll be up and running and be able to confidently work with existing Spring applications, and have the confidence to start building your own, from the ground up.

I hope you'll join me on this fantastic exciting world of Spring development and I'll see you in class!


Course Curriculum

Matt Speake

Principal instructor at JavaEasily teaching all about different aspects of Java tech for beginners and intermediate developers.  

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Always have been a big fan of Matt, have subscribed to all of his courses, really appreciate his efforts and his way of lucidly taking us novices to the deep layers of the course in a simplistic manner. As always this course is also perfect for learning and using Spring. Best wishes Matt, keep going.

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