Apache Maven Essentials

Master Apache Maven from the ground up by practical demonstration

What will you learn in this course?

  • An excellent understanding of how Maven works under the hood
  • The ability to create and build your own Java projects with Maven
  • Understand where to find dependencies (libraries) to use in your projects and how to include them (unlocking and tapping into the huge Java ecosystem of opensource libraries and components)
  • Understand how Maven describes projects with the Project Object Model
  • Appreciate how Maven resolves dependencies
  • Be familiar with the build lifecycle and its phases
  • Understand simple customization of a build to execute plugins
  • Know how to use Maven in Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA - the two most popular Java IDEs!
  • and more!

Who is this course for?

This course is for newcomers to the Maven build tool. Perhaps you're one of the following:

    • an experienced Java developer who needs to understand Apache Maven quickly
    • are new to Java technology and/or have a new job in this area and need to understand how Maven works
    • an employee who has recently transitioned to using Java and have read about Maven and need to get to grips with it from day one
    • a Java developer who has only built applications in an IDE or with another build tool like Ant or Gradle and needs to transition to Maven
    • a student who is studying Java and needs to be able to build Java applications with Maven
    • a recent graduate who needs to get up and running quickly
    • a devops engineer who wants to get an overview of the tool by introduction to the basics

What is this course about?

This course is a no-nonsense introduction to getting started with Maven.

In this course we look at the Maven build tool which is the number one industry standard currently for creating Java applications. By concentrating on practical hands-on demonstrations, you'll see first hand how Maven works and from there develop the confidence to be able to use it independently to build your Java projects at home, college or in the workplace.

Whereas many courses will be presentation-style, this course is unique in that it demonstrates concepts by demonstration: first, "at the commandline" with videos that explain what Maven is doing and how it is doing it, then in IDEs using the sophisticated Maven integration that Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA have.  In this way, you'll develop an understanding of the nuts and bolts of the tool and be in a position to develop effectively with it afterwards. This approach also means you're more likely to be able to more effectively troubleshoot any problems you may encounter by applying this knowledge from first principles.

It's a beginners course, although has some useful content for those already familiar with Maven. But to get maximum value from the course, you should really be a beginner with the tool. Maybe you've started a new job where they use it to build their applications, or you're learning industry-standard tools to better place you ahead of the competition.

Ultimately, by unlocking the mechanics of how Maven works in front of your eyes, you should be able to better build Java projects with the tool and have fun doing so!

I look forward to teaching you all about Maven inside! ;)

Bonus Materials!

In addition you'll get a Maven Cheatsheet of commands you can use to have at your desktop as a handy reference. We'll be adding more resources too as your requests are heard and your feedback given to make it the best course it can be for you!

Course Summary

Learn all about Apache Maven, the world's most popular Java build tool!

Course Curriculum

Matt Speake

Principal instructor at JavaEasily teaching all about different aspects of Java tech for beginners and intermediate developers.  

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Very simple, direct, pract. I have been using maven for a long time and the way you explain and shows still makes maven a very interesting tool. Especially those things about to build lifecycles and phases. Thank you

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