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Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Get ready to start your Java journey
and build a new career!

Join over 10,000 students all over the world
learning with Java Easily!

What You're Gonna Learn Inside


You'll get to know about the Java platform including it's foundational components and processes such as the JDK and JVM and how to compile and run programs!


You'll install the tools you need to start programming in Java including getting familiar with Eclipse, the world's friendliest IDE for beginners!


You'll get a feel for what it's like to enter, run and debug Java code so that you have enough knowledge to start exploring more and take it further!

This course is the absolute best way to get started with learning how to program in Java.  We're currently offering it for free so grab it while you can.  It's packed full of the very best information to get absolute beginners up and running in the shortest possible time, hassle free!

Inside you'll learn all about:

Overview of Java, who uses it and why it's so popular (spoiler alert: there are big names using it)!
Java Platform Components and how they work together!
Setting up the Development Tools you need to be able to code!

Foundational Java Syntax which is what Java code actually looks like!
Using and programming in an IDE, just like the pros do so you get a feel for what it's like!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain - a new career with great pay and promotion prospects could be just round the corner for you!  Step inside the exciting world of Java and enrol today to get started on your Java journey!


Great question!  But there's absolutely no catch, for real!  

The reason we're giving this away for free is that it leads nicely onto a new course we're offering which takes you on the full journey to complete mastery of foundational Java.  That course is a paid course which we hope you'll enrol in - but there's no pressure to do so.  And if you don't, no hard feelings and we're just pleased you got some value out of it and we're happy that we set you off on the road to discover the exciting world of Java and the great career it brings!

This course is designed for absolute beginners.  We don't assume you know anything beyond knowing how to browse the web!  And you must know that, because you're here right now!  So don't worry, we've got you covered!

You can access this course - like all our other courses - for as long as it's live which is effectively lifetime access (we don't plan on taking it down anytime soon so you're totally fine!)  So just take your time and enjoy the content at your own leisure.  Happy learning!

For sure!  This course, like all JavaEasily courses, are accessed through our mobile-friendly course portal which you can access from any iOS or Android device.  In fact, from any mobile device at all!

We don't offer this just yet, although we're getting our coaching programme ready for launch later this year.  So watch this space for details!  

Great question!  There's no live component to this course as it's completely self contained.  However, the follow on course from this does have a live component (Total Beginner's Java Programming Masterclass).  We have office hours built in to that so you can get questions answered live.  We'll let you know when it comes out so you can register before it sells out.  This is really the best way to take your Java to the next level once you're done with this one.

Completely!  We take privacy very seriously here.  

We don't share your email with anyone else and it's securely stored on our course hosting platform.  We may use your email from time to time to let you know of offers we have and to let you know when we've got more great content we think you'd enjoy.  Feel free to unsubscribe if that doesn't vibe with you though - we totally get it!

So, you're ready to take your career in a whole new direction?  Excellent!  Let's do this then and I'll see you in Lesson 1!