Java for Beginners

Basic core Java for absolute beginners

Learning Java Has Never Been So Easy!

How would you like to learn Java in a relaxed, easy and fun way
to get to your coding dream super fast, even if you're starting completely from scratch?

Introducing   Java for Beginners  
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It's tough in the beginning...

So you've decided you want to learn coding - what a great decision, that's awesome!

You've heard that Java is the thing to learn, has tons of job opportunities, the salaries are through the roof, and you want a piece of all this.  You're ready to roll your sleeves up, put in the work and build the career you've always wanted in software engineering.  Great!

...but then it just seems impossible to know where to start.  You're bouncing around from youtube video to youtube video, reading articles and trying to piece together the information from here, there and everywhere, but it just seems impossible to make sense of it all.  And it's taking forever.  And nothing seems to stick or quite gel together.

No matter how much you try, you know you're just spinning your wheels and it seems like there's not a single clear path to get to where you want to be.  Does this have to be so difficult?

...but it doesn't have to be this way

You know, learning a new skill like coding can be pretty daunting at first. Especially if you go it alone and try and learn just by what's out there already on the web. It is possible - but it's hard: it takes time and perseverance and you end up being on a never-ending search to find that magical content which resonates with you and lets you connect the dots.

But finding those nuggets are hard - it's like finding a needle in a haystack. And when you do, you only get access to part of the puzzle. Even if you're lucky enough to strike gold and find a ton of content which seems to cover all the topics, you're still left to try and put the pieces together in order and make sense of it all. Plus you're doing this alone. Without help.

Now if you feel like you're spinning your wheels, know that it's totally not your fault.  You're just not giving yourself the best chance of success.  In fact, you're making it much harder on yourself.  So know first and foremost - it doesn't mean you can't do this, it's just natures way of telling you there has to be a better way.

Seize the moment and claim the success that belongs to you!

The truth is, you need a framework for learning this stuff and a support system and mentor along the way.  You can only get so far on your own, but having a clear sequential path for learning will get you to where you want to be.  Having the ability to reach out and ask questions and just have that support along the way, well that's what makes the difference.

That's why I created Java for Beginners - a complete course for learning Java for absolute beginners with zero programming experience - that makes learning Java super simple and fun!

What's included and what am I gonna get?

You'll learn the foundation elements of core Java including variables, expressions, strings, conditionals, loops, methods, classes and objects, exceptions and collections.

You'll learn how to use an IDE to code in Java, seeing how to debug your programs and how to get help from it when things go wrong.

You'll develop the confidence to code and understand how all the constructs of the Java programming language fit together so you can start to "think in code" and assemble your own programs.

6+ hours of video lessons from a Java expert

You'll learn the foundational elements of core Java from Matt Speake, an internationally published course creator and trainer with over 25 years' experience,

Hands-on Coding Exercises

You'll get to build up and code a working project, completely from scratch, by coding specific concepts one step at a time, taught in our unique Just in Time way.

exercise PRINTOUTS

All exercises come with their own exercise handout that you can print off and reference by your side as you code.

Solution Explanation HANDOUTS

We explain the main takeaway in each coding exercise and provide this in a printout you can refer to at your desk or take with you on the move.

Solution code & Projects

All exercise modules come with the solution code that I code up for you in the solution videos, so you never get stuck or feel left behind.  You can load these into your IDEs and see how they work firsthand.

solution coding screencasts

As you code up the project, bit by bit. I code it up too as a solution video so you can see exactly how the pro's approach coding, getting extra tips, tricks and insights along the way.

What You're Gonna Learn Inside


You'll get to know about the Java platform including it's foundational components and processes such as the JDK and JVM and how to compile and run programs!


You'll install the tools you need to start programming in Java including getting familiar with Eclipse, the world's friendliest IDE for beginners!


You'll get a feel for what it's like to enter, run and debug Java code so that you have enough knowledge to start exploring more and take it further!

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to the course
  • Setting Up
  • First Steps
  • Variables
  • Expressions
  • Strings
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Methods
  • Classes and Objects
  • Exceptions
  • Collections

Meet the trainer - Matt Speake

"Hey friend!  Matt Speake here,  founder of Java Easily and principal trainer in Java and all its related technologies.    You know, nothing gives me a bigger buzz than seeing my students succeed and I'm here now, ready to step in and  be your Java mentor and help you get to your dream job of becoming a coder.

You can do this - and I'm here, ready to help and support you - 100% of the way!"

 Matt Speake is a published course author and Java expert with over 25 years' experience in the industry, working at top-tier global brands such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and HSBC. 

This is a great course and is all you need to get started on your Java journey!
But don't just take our word for it, hear what our students have to say...

"This course is really good for beginners who want to learn Java."

June student

"These videos are easy to watch and informative."

May student

"Fantastic till now. very nice way of knowhow transfer. thx"

December student

"Good for beginners."

April student

"I am an experienced C# developer learning Java for the first time. This has been a fantastic start on my Java journey. The pace is perfect. "

January student

"...thanks Matt for the efforts. I have taken this course because I needed to learn basics of Java quickly, and.... honestly I must say that it looks like I have really learned something. I was worrying that it will be extremely hard but it was not..."

November student

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Course Pricing

Full Lifetime Access

$97 USD

    • On Demand Video Lessons
    • Exercise and Solution Handouts
    • Solution Code
    • Solution Coding Walk Throughs
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I'm 100% committed to you learning Java in the quickest most effective way possible and I believe that our programme Java Jummpstart is the best way to get there.

So if you're not 100% happy with your purchase after 30 days and don't feel you're learning Java effectively, I'll give you your money back.  Just email and you'll get a refund.

But wait, there's more!

To ensure that you get the best possible chance of success and to make this programme as easy as possible for you, I've got some more bonuses I'm going to give you - completely for FREE when you purchase either programme.

BONUS #1 - 

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BONUS #2 - Java Developer Quick Start

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So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Let's get started and do this together today!


This course is designed for absolute beginners.  We don't assume you know anything beyond knowing how to browse the web!  And you must know that, because you're here right now!  So don't worry, we've got you covered.

Our unique course structure ensures that you learn a single concept at a time without becoming overloaded (a lot of other courses try and teach way too many concepts simultaneously and that just leaves beginners feeling overwhelmed).  We call this Just in Time learning, meaning that you only get exposed to a single concept at a time and we want you to fully master that before we move on to the next, more advanced concept.  This makes the course super simple to follow and almost bulletproof to progress through and learn.

You have lifetime access to the course.  So just take your time and enjoy the content at your own leisure.  Happy learning!

For sure!  This course, like all our programs, are accessed through our mobile-friendly course portal which you can access from any iOS or Android device.  In fact, from any mobile device at all!

Not in this course, but you can get help on any of the lessons by just asking questions right there underneath the video lesson itself.  So you can sleep easy knowing that you're going to get your questions fully answered, at a pace that suits you.  Plus you can ask as many questions as you like so you get that mentoring help along the way.

That's a great question!

We've found that trying to cram a course full of every single item of Java just isn't a scalable way to learn for absolute beginners.  So what we do instead in this course is just focus on the elements of Java that you need to know in the beginning.  It's much more important for you to get foundational concepts clear in your head - so they're rock solid and "in your hands" (i.e. you can code with them with confidence) - than to understand all the minutiae of Java in all it's completeness.  What we do teach though is the majority of stuff you need to be able to start you off, get you thinking in Java and like a programmer and give you enough to build your confidence through knowing how all the Java constructs work together to make larger programs.  It's a much better way of learning, that way you're not swamped and never feel overwhelmed by it all.